Saving Baby Elephants with author Mary Baures

Wednesday, December 87:00—8:00 PMYoutube Channel
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In her acclaimed book, Awakening Awe: An Illustrated Journey to Reverence, Dr. Mary Baures weaves her narrative around encounters with leopards, snow monkeys, grizzlies, jaguars, and orphan orangutans. It is an urgent plea for us to end our cult of superiority and our delusion that we own the earth.

As the reader accompanies her into the wild, we encounter elephant calves, leopard cubs, mating lions, lion guardians and indigenous leaders who view Mother Earth as sacred. Dr. Baures says the coronavirus was just a starter pandemic, a warning shot. Nature and wildlife cannot withstand more chemicals, deforestation, and warfare. Not listening to our mother has consequences.

As a psychologist, Dr. Mary Baures specializes in helping people recover from horrific loss. She is an African wildlife photographer who adopted four traumatized baby elephants who watched their families massacred for ivory. Dr. Baures will talk about her latest book, Awakening Awe: An Illustrated Journey to Reverence and what she has learned about our world and what's important by working with baby elephants in a Nairobi elephant orphanage.

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